PortMaster Developer License & Permission Overview

Each PortMaster package has all necessary permission and license files included.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the PortMaster Crew in our discord or via contact@portmaster.games

Developer Asset Distribution Permissions:

# Developer Link Engine Notes
1 Kultisti itch.io GMS
2 Gizmo itch.io GMS
3 Jon Topielski itch.io Godot
4 Bippinbits itch.io Godot Specific games only
5 Edgar Mendoza itch.io Godot
6 Cyfo itch.io Love2d
7 Juho itch.io Godot Missing license file
8 Harley Wilson itch.io GMS
9 Bananamanhatguy itch.io Godot
10 Team Bugulon itch.io GMS
11 Maybell itch.io GMS, Godot
12 ItsGeppy itch.io Godot Unclear license
13 ElgatoPanzon itch.io Godot
14 Blasin itch.io Love2d
15 LucasMegaStriker itch.io Godot
16 Vlambeer vlambeer.com GMS Specific games only
17 Aiwi itch.io Godot Specific games only
18 Nozomu itch.io Godot
19 Bucketfish itch.io Godot
20 Aarjvark Steam GMS Specific games only
21 Nabo itch.io GMS
22 Evan12811 itch.io Godot
23 Yousfi M Walid itch.io GMS
24 Steven Miller itch.io
25 Pixel Archipel itch.io GMS, Godot
26 Yozoraki itch.io GMS
27 Suitgames suitgames.com GMS
28 Fred Wood itch.io GMS

Open Source Developer Permissions:

# Dev Name Link Engine Notes
1 HarmonyHoney GitHub Godot
2 Team Potato GitLab Godot
3 Wesley Werner GitHub Love2d
4 Jayden Sipe GitHub Godot
5 Joel Chrono GitHub Godot
6 Escada Games GitHub Godot
7 Levrault GitHub Godot
8 Joh-Dev GitHub Godot
9 Clarkjohn GitHub Godot
10 John Gabriel Bitbucket Godot
11 Tangram Games GitHub Love2d
12 TheJeme GitHub Love2d
13 FoppyGames GitHub Love2d
14 Dulsi GitHub Godot
15 Fuzzyzilla GitHub Godot
16 Yolwoocle GitHub Love2d
17 a327ex GitHub Love2d
18 Rafael Bordoni itch.io Godot
19 Flamendless GitHub Love2d
20 Joyrider GitHub SDL
21 Locomalito locomalito.com GMS
22 ProfPotanildo itch.io Love2d


# Dev Name Link Notes
1 Securas itch.io Do not contact again